The Power of NAU

Image via NAU

I don't recall how I first heard of NAU, but it was when I was working as a Buyer for a local boutique. Part of our mission was to be conscious of sustainable materials and sourcing, NAU was a perfect fit. I called their office only to discover that they did not sell to other retailers, everything was sold within their own stores. I visited their boutique in Bridgeport Village(2007) and remember upon entering that I could not distinguish the Men's from the Women's section. Usually there is a noticeable different in color and pattern that leads you in the right direction, this was not the case. The muted earth tones and lack of pattern left me wandering around, my only clue was the size of the garment. My closet is an understated blur of muted earth tones so, despite the confusion, I was entranced. In 2009 I was lucky enough to be the Buyer for an outdoor store that was one of the carefully selected retailers NAU chose when they made the transition to selling wholesale. It was always my most anticipated line showing, guaranteed to inspire a new perspective and stimulate thought. As the years go by I am even more enamored with the brand. It's the whole enchilada! Conscious, sustainable and timeless design. Each garment is crafted with careful attention to detail. When I wear NAU I feel casual, effortless and modern. The branding is subtle and the silhouettes get noticed without being loud. Each item is worth the price and will endure the test of time. Discover their philosophy for yourself.