What does your water bottle say about you?


1. Kor    2. Camelbak    3. S'well    4. Nathan Sports    5. Nalgene    6. Hydroflask    7. Life Factory    8. Klean Kanteen

My water bottle is an extension of myself that goes with me everywhere. I need it...I love it.

I have distinct memories about my water bottles and their evolution over the years. It began with military canteens and Nalgene wide mouth bottles. Sometimes a recycled juice container or cheap squirt top bike style bottles. When I worked for the BLM as a ranger I loved the government issue flask style bottles. I used those for years until I finally misplaced every last one. I remember when Klean Kanteens were on fire and everyone was concerned about BPA contamination. I cringe at the thought of how many gallons of luke warm water I drank out of BPA bottles that had been baking in the sun...yuk! I was excited to purchase my first stainless steel water bottle and still love my 40oz Klean Kanteen Classic. Then the graphics started getting fun and your water bottle could become a mini piece of art. Liberty Bottleworks always has a lot fun with theirs. This was short lived since I am more of a minimalist at heart. Kor emerged and captured my attention with their sleek and modern design. But the game changed when I used a double walled Hydro Flask for the first time. Suddenly I was not drinking warm water on a hot summer day! It gets better, in the winter my water was not frozen solid, I was sipping hot tea while resting on the nordic trail. I can't say the overall look of a Hydro Flask is anything special, but the double wall function can't be beat. The newest contender that has caught my eye is Swell, the simple design and color palette is right up my alley. Last but certainly not least is Life Factory, glass always gives me the most peace of mind in terms of contamination. I totally love the way they look, but sadly glass is not always the most practical option for adventure and travel.

Here is my list of criteria for a great water bottle :

  • BPA free
  • lightweight
  • double wall
  • easy to clean
  • mouth big enough for ice cubes
  • looks cool...oh yeah!

I am currently carrying a 21 oz. arctic white Hydro Flask.

How do you feel about your bottle? What do you look for?