A little cheeky...

Check out MIKO's 2014 video. Just fun. Bring on summer!

I crazy love these Bondi bottoms by MIKOH! They give me the coverage I need (string bikini bottoms never looked good on me) and yet are still a little sexy. The back is cut just right so a little cheek shows but not too much and you definitely don't get that saggy 'to much fabric' look.  I love the wide sides. Best yet they don't cut into your sides giving you the oh-so-fabulous muffin top. They come in a lot of different colors, I'm all about mixing and matching different tops to them. Great everyday swim bottoms (swim, snorkel, paddle board). Like any bikini bottoms these can still come off when jumping in so for your hardcore sports (triathlon?) I would recommend a one piece. Not feeling so cheeky? Try the Zuma bottoms they have full bottom coverage without feeling to 'mom'ish'. To see more on the Bondi bottom view product page.