Cool Collaborations

Images and video via Adidas x Jeremy Scott, Adidas x StellasportTeva x Nasty Gal and  Nike x Sacai,

I spent many years of my youth clothed in ugly outdoor clothing. The cuts were boxy and unflattering. The fabrics didn't stretch so the garments had to be loose. The colors were either boring or obnoxious. Nothing was tailored. 'Shrink it and pink it' was the outdoor version of converting Men's styles to Women's. For someone who loves fashion these were dark and sartorially depressing years. I was so starved for something beautiful that I started sewing my own clothes. I still needed functional pieces so I began by mixing polar fleece(which was cool at the time) with things like leopard print faux fur and reflective tape. I certainly stuck out in a crowd, but I was so happy to not look like I just stepped out of the REI catalog.

A new day is dawning for sport and outdoor fashion, thank the lord!! I am beyond excited to see designer collaborations and amazing silhouettes hitting the marketplace. It's about freakin' time. I don't want to have to change my clothes for every activity. I want to have one amazing wardrobe full of my favorite things, that won't hold me back when I head for the hills. Fashion that pushes boundaries and becomes wearable art feeds my soul. We have to get dressed everyday, it should be fun, functional and beautiful. This is only the beginning and I am thrilled to see where this fashion adventure takes us. 

Are you ready to step out of your box and into the future of outdoor style?