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The Slide: Hawaii Photographer Tara Michie

This story originally appeared on Teva's blog

Teva Slides were designed for freedom, an easy-on, easy-off style that meets the demands of both barefoot adventures and style-driven moments. The Slide isn’t just a shoe—it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we’re celebrating the explorers and creatives who embody the spirit of spontaneity. So slide them on, toss them off, and show us what you’ve got.


No two days are ever the same for Hawaii-born creative Tara Michie. While she may end up spending Monday behind her computer screen editing photos, by Friday she could be in Iceland or Australia. But when the waves are good, there’s one place you’re sure to find her: the ocean.

“My work and lifestyle is dictated a lot by the weather and ocean conditions,” the longtime surfer says. “It is always different but ideally, everyday starts with a triple shot espresso over ice and a surf session.”

How do you keep yourself creatively inspired?

I love taking photos for fun and pursuing my passion for art photography. I’m slowly working on my collection of art photos and have a few pieces in an art gallery on Kaua’i. I also love working with other really creative people in the industry on creative shoots. It is so inspiring to see others perspective (like makeup artists, models, and fellow photographers and stylists). There is no pressure to produce anything in particular and personally, I can take risk with my creative direction, styling, or photo angles.

How does island life lend itself to barefoot moments?

I totally take advantage of those moments. It is kind of necessary for my creative process and I can never pass up the opportunity for an adventure! If someone told me they’re going to swim with dolphins tomorrow morning, I want to be there. Besides an opportunity for an adventure, there is always an opportunity to get a great photo out of it. And I am always ditching my shoes to go surfing—that’s a given!

And when it’s time to put the shoes back on, how does your style adapt?

I am usually changing from a bikini or I wear a bikini all day and try to keep my style pretty effortless. I like adding accessories, like a hat or headscarf, to give my outfit an extra touch. And color is always helpful to make an outfit standout without trying too hard. I love the Teva Slides in Florida Keys because it gives a pop of color to every outfit I wear.

What is your Slide lifestyle?

I am usually barefoot anyway so the Slides are easy to slip on and off if footwear is necessary. I am usually going from the beach to my favorite eatery or coffee shop so I want something that is going to be easy and comfortable (even with a little sand.) In Hawai’i, it is “culturally-correct” to take your shoes off when you’re going into someone’s home. So the Slides embody the Hawai’i lifestyle perfectly! Photos by Ashley Johnson. 

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