Have you tried cooking in a dutch oven?


Learning how to cook in a dutch oven is an experience worth having. It's a real crowd pleaser when your fellow campers wake up to the smell of baked goods. Hot muffins or biscuits are such a treat fresh from the dutch oven. You can essentially bake anything you would bake in your oven at home. It may take a few tries to perfect your technique and not burn things a bit on the bottom. I found a great website with plenty of tips and recipes. The easy way out is buying the dough already prepared, just quietly throw away the packaging and no one will know you didn't make them from scratch. When I was a raft guide we would bake on the overnight trips, my boss swore by preheating the lid on the camp stove before setting on the pot.  This will shorten your overall baking time a bit. I also like to use a chimney starter to get the coals going. I couldn't resist posting this video, let's make biscuits the old school way.